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Biomedical design: a positive perspective to solve complex problems

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Biomedical research and development are rooted in health consumers, which means that the real demand is the original motivation of this innovation, which may be different from many basic sciences, such as mathematics and theoretical physics.


It is a very difficult process for biomedical-related equipment, instruments, reagents, and drugs to mature from the practical needs to the product and then reach the consumers' terminal through market configuration. They are of professionalism, long cycle, high cost, high risk, multiple procedures, strict specification, fierce competition, and complex management. In short, it's a very complex system.


For the systematic problem, there is hardly a good method of perfect modeling. Maybe basically the model with high applicability does not exist because of the complexity of the object and the limitations of human beings and society.


It is inevitable to have negative values through the process of understanding and experiencing the world. Science can not change this reality. However, on the other side of the negative epistemology, we can also try to change it from a positive perspective, which is called design.


Design not only brings a new perspective but also creates a new positive concept. Design thinking should be the first to be established in design, which varies from person to person. Some people are good at calculation and details, some need model and order, some are loyal to their intuition and inspiration, and some are good at reference and integration. All these are the premises of a good design, and there is no one better than others.


Design thinking influences methods. There are 100 kinds of methods corresponding to 100 kinds of design thinking. Besides opportunities, we believe in the instrumental existence of rationality. Therefore, diversity and inclusiveness are the concepts to interpret this kind of design method and results.


The methodology of design is based on modern natural science and social science, so the Bio-Psycho-Social medical model still has theoretical and practical value. We tend to pay too much attention to the physiological aspect, to the structure of life, and the exploration of the microcosm, but sometimes we need to look up at the sky, and macroscopically view the relationship between people and society. Good design is an entity with science as its core, application as its purpose, society as its yardstick, and art as its value.


Design work has significant personal features in many cases, which is particularly precious, so as for biomedicine. On the other hand, biomedical chain innovation, namely knowledge innovation, technology innovation, and product innovation, needs to integrate the insights, views, opinions, concepts, and design works of multiple designers.


Design works may be instruments, small sensors or mobile phone software and programs, monitoring reagents or methods, small molecules or antibody drugs, gene therapy or cell therapy, or educational tools for disease management. You have the design thinking, you have positive epistemology and the possibility of making changes, and this will change the thinking of biomedical design.

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