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Inspiration of film to pharmaceutical industry

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In 2021, the article of The Economist "Go small: The new economics of blockbusters" talked that (1), during the period of COVID-19, the scarcity of movie blockbusters is reshaping box office economics. It may point to another option, that is with the reduction of large production, the production of smaller cost is on the stage. We consider the reality of biomedical R & D and pharmaceutical industry from a cross industry perspective. Blockbuster drugs may be more and more difficult to appear, and more and more scattered, professional and efficient small biotechnology companies are on the stage. While providing large companies with sufficient follow-up product lines, these small enterprises are also accelerating the transformation speed of scientific theory and clinical application. This article of The Economist also points out that the operation mode of film studios is also changing, and profits may be increased directly through streaming media, such as HBO max. Digital transformation has also attracted the attention of large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises, including using artificial intelligence to predict protein structure (such as AlphaFold) (2), using machine learning algorithm to accelerate drug screening and improve the success rate of R & D, optimizing clinical research design (such as the design of inclusion and exclusion criteria for clinical research of tumor drugs, etc.), using artificial intelligence tools to standardize drug approval documents and improve the efficiency of drug registration.


The article "Marketing plan for quality cinema film" of Harvard Business Review (3) published on April 7, 2021 was also from the perspective of film industry, and we re-examine how to optimize the marketing and corporate management of biopharmaceutical enterprises in the rapidly changing market and policy environment. There are five important marketing strategies for cinema line operation to help films with less than 10% of the premiere daily layout, including market data analysis (type analysis, audience analysis and market capacity analysis), regional attribute analysis of potential audience group, precision marketing strategy (quantifiable positioning technology breaks through traditional marketing), time window design (during the warm-up period and projection period, the intervention is periodic, so that the change curve is ahead) and word-of-mouth marketing (referral and share in AARRR internet product acquisition user model and AISAS Internet consumer behavior analysis model). Market data analysis of biopharmaceutical enterprises also includes treatment field and disease indication analysis, patient portrait analysis and market capacity analysis. The analysis of regional attributes of potential patients includes disease and molecular epidemiology analysis, national and regional policy and economic analysis, regional medical resources (hospitals, communities and pharmacies), medical insurance and social security analysis, patient diagnosis and treatment process analysis. The marketing of pharmaceutical enterprises has its particularity. Digital marketing has gradually broken through the traditional marketing (social media, patient groups, medical association and patient education), but the traditional marketing cannot be replaced in the short term yet. The traditional form of word-of-mouth marketing is the meetings sponsored by various societies and enterprises with experts as the main body, a small number of which come from the network and social media, while the focus is still on changing and upgrading the information transmission mode and media within the doctor group.



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