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Chinese landscape painting is the same as Chinese poetry, "takes the realm as the highest, and If there is a realm, it will be of a high standard." Mr. Wang Guowei quoted ancient poetry and refined three levels of the realm. “Last night the west wind withered the green trees. Alone I mounted the lofty tower to gaze at the roads, as far as the world‘s end.” This is the first level. It doesn’t matter after all that my girdle grows looser. She is worth being haggard for.“ This the second level. ”Far and near, among the crowds e'er surging, Tens of thousands of rounds for one I've been searching; Only on a glance cast backward do I behold: There she is, where lights are burning so low!“ This is the third level. There is no superiority or specialty as to the realm, just different points of view.


Driving from Shanghai to Jiangxi, from Xiaoshan west of Hangzhou to Fuyang, the mountains are gentle and undulating. In the misty rain of March, Sheung Shui overlaps layer upon layer, like ink, thick and light, dry and wet, elegant but full of changes. It turns back and forth in tens of miles, dense and dense, meaningful and alienated, and can not be exhausted. The running water is winding, sometimes hidden and sometimes present; The grass is green with flowers; The fine sand is full of light, reflecting and harmonizing, and sometimes the waterfowl waves, which are smart and elegant. Landscape painting is the highest in Chinese painting, and scattered perspective is the best way to show its aesthetic value and height.


The research object of medicine is the human being. Microscopically, the human body is composed of billions of cells. Each cell has an extremely complex subcellular structure and more microscopic molecular composition. From the magnifying glass, the society composed of humans, and the ecology composed of humans and the environment are the roots of the complexity of medicine. Looking at the science, art or the combination of the two from the perspective of scattered points may be another way or another realm. © CAVALIER PERSPECTIVE

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